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Dangers of Uncontrolled Internet to Children

The use of the online platform is not limited to a person’s location as long as they have devices that can access it. Both parents and children use Internet gadgets without limitation. The use of internet has both and demerits among the users more so children. The children can enjoy the privilege of sharing knowledge with one another on internet platforms. When the internet is not controlled, children can quickly become victims of the dangers associated with them. Outlined below are some of the risks of uncontrolled internet to children.

When the internet is not controlled, they may see things they were not supposed to see which can steal their children. Information that is shared on the internet does not exclude any person based on their age unless they exclude themselves. When children are using online platforms such as Google, Facebook or Twitter they may be exposed to content such as pornography or drugs that may ruin their innocence. Some children are more exposed than other and can easily lure into watching and reading material that is not suitable for them. Children who use internet gadgets without any control from their parents may fall victims of the dangers without their parents’ awareness.

Children can be severely humiliated and their self-esteem ruined when using the internet. Several people can post photos of themselves or events they have attended on the internet. Without proper regulation on who can say, anyone, can share their views of what they think about what is displayed. Negative comments made by the children’s peers can stress them. It is the parents’ responsibility to protect their children from being bullied in by others on social media. A child who is bullied and embarrassed men designed to run away from it all by committing a serious crime.

Children can also get easily addicted to the use of the internet which is too risky. Children who are addicted to being online may not be able to concentrate on anything else as they will be thinking of the possible post they may have missed. Children that have been addicted to the internet, may be inactive and withdraw from other vital events such as school. The parents should limit the use of the Internet among the children to prevent internet addiction. Children whose full attention is in the internet, may fail to know when there are opportunities meant for them which may be lost. In conclusion, a parent who cares about the well-being of their children will be careful in introducing their children to internet to protect them from the dangers associated with it.