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Top Three Benefits of Qi Gong

Every human being adheres to any solution or practice to direct their selves towards a lighter and more peaceful state of mind. Who does not want peace of mind anyway? Who would refuse to settle for a tranquil and serene way of living if they could? In the end, at the end of every person’s line, what matters is not the worldly treasure and wealth but what has been accumulated inside. Your core will be your ultimate treasure and without peace of mind, you will be left with nothing but worries and untamed mind.

It is hard to live with worries and anxieties constantly nagging the part of your being which is easily frightened and disturbed. It is hard to function and altogether release your best effort when you are drained from the inside. A lot of people are actually suffering through the same torment thinking they cannot outrun their own baggage of emotional turmoil and physical pain.

But life is meant to be lived despite the worries, the pain, and the unrelenting troubles it offers. Life is meant to be grasped and experienced, not something that you will have to run away from to or something that you will have to bear without doing something. You can do something. In fact, there are a lot of things to consider in order to receive your refuge and enable yourself to live a fruitful and healthier life.

One of the things that you can try to ease your way to life is the practice of Qi Going (pronounced as Chee-gong. Judging by how it sounds and its name, you can tell right away that Qi Gong is from the oriental philosophy or practice. You can already tell that Qi Gong is part of the whole and variety of Zen practice. And when it comes to Zen and its sub-types and practices, peace of mind along with the better and healthier form of the body are always observed and followed.

In Qi Gong, there are three aspects of your life that it aims to focus on and enhance. The following are your mind, body, and breath. Basically the practice of Qi Gong aims to improve your mental function by teaching you to achieve a better state of consciousness and focus. A focused and tranquil mind will always have the best approach to life and to anything. It is not easily deterred or discouraged. A peaceful mind withstands confusion and stands tall amid challenges.

Next is your breath. Even in other Zen forms, the specification of breath is necessary. Many people need to master their breathing to be the master of their own emotions and thoughts. A simple breathing technique can alter your worrying mind and calm the storms that are brewing within you. Also, with the bets breathing patter, you are more relaxed and calm.

Lastly is the body. Everything that is about the mind and your breathing will be instantly felt by your own body. If you want to live a better physical health then you have to master the art of Qi Gong and receive your reward through mastering it.

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