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How To Reverse Hair Loss Caused By eCigs

Smoking is known to be one of the deadliest habits to adopt. Studies have shown that smoking tobacco is the biggest cause of death and diseases that can actually be prevented in the United States alone – click for more about such statistics. Everyone has seen this translate into the limitless list of deaths as smoking took its toll. However, even with the many known deadly effects of smoking, so many people all over the world find it very hard to give up smoking. But this does not mean that they do not have the desire to quit. As the industry sees the smokers wants to give up smoking paired with the struggle of them doing it, they have seen a way around the problem and provided a nicotine replacement – eCigarettes These products are the newest trends of mitigating smoking addiction by presenting an option that is free from tobacco. But the question is: is this eCig option really safe? Do eCigs have the same harmful effects as tobacco cigarettes that actually encourage hair loss?

Hair loss is caused by a lot of possible reasons some of which are ones inherited genes, the stress you experience, as well as the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone. Every single one of those mentioned above pose a huge threat to hair follicles that are vital for the growth of healthy hair strands. As such, the hair follicle then suffers with miniaturization wherein it inhibits hair growth, making hair thinner and even leading to significant loss. But a fact not commonly known by people is that nicotine holds the same threat to your hair and to your health. What happens after one consumes nicotine is that they will experience blood flow reduction because of the blood vessels getting constricted. Because of the restriction of blood flow on the scalp, hair growth is significantly inhibited. Proper flow of blood is the vehicle of factors that promote a healthy cycle of hair growth such as oxygen and nutrients. This is why you commonly hear people who smoke tobacco complaining, “My hair falls out easily.”

So now we need to answer to the question that is most important: are eCigs capable of causing hair loss?

The answer is that yes, researchers believe that eCig components have the same effect on the body as what it experiences when chewing tobacco and smoking normal cigarettes. So where do we go from here? Turn away from smoking and turn to Capillus for help in getting your hair to its former glory. Capillus offers a range of products which make nicotine hair loss reversible. Capillus has an abundance of options which all work towards waking up dormant hair follicles and all of which you can see more here. So for details about Capillus and their products, view here for more.

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