What economic elements made slavery so crucial in the 1850s?

Question by : What economic elements manufactured slavery so important in the 1850s?
I know that the cotton productions needed a whole lot of slave labor, and the South needed these productions in order to have trades, but I am not able to find other financial aspects that made slavery so crucial. Appropriate right here I only targeted on the South, so is there nothing to chat about slavery in the North?


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Effectively, all the answers type of revolve about the South’s dependence of cotton and slaves to make them. Properly, very first off, at that time, America was experiencing a Marketplace Revoltion. A Marketplace Revolution is when you see a massive alter, this change would be that the people aren’t expanding food to just endure, to just feed on their own/their family members, they are developing meals, and have enough still left in excess of to promote and make a earnings. This financial prosperity also led to the dependency on slaves since they much more they delivered out, the much more they manufactured, which was a significant target of people in that time. Also, the South required the slaves or their economic system would drop aside. The South developed themselves around cotton, they were a a single-item overall economy. With cotton, they would absolutely fall apart. So the slaves have been one-handly stabilizing the overall economy.

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