The Relationship Between Hormones and Weight Loss

One thing that you need to know is that half of the American women feel like nothing is happening to them despite their effort in losing weight. But one thing that they don’t understand is that extreme weight gain has nothing to do with poor dieting or lack of exercise. One common cause of this in women is misfiring hormones. It is essential to note that when your hormones are out of balance you will easily gain weight since your diet won’t work. Here are some of the points that will help you learn more about what hormones and weight loss have to do with each other.

Let us start with an oversupply of cortisol which will make you add weight. One thing that you should know is that this stress hormone is one of the largest contributors of belly bulges in women. You find that anytime you get stressed, cortisol level rise increasing sugar-fat conversion in your body which will result in long-term fat deposition in the abdomen area. Besides, it will also increase your cravings for sugar making you overheat. You can solve this by reducing stress, cut back coffee intake to improve your sleep patterns. This is something you can replace with a hot cup of lemon water or green tea.

Besides, excess estrogen expands your fat cells. Estrogen is responsible for breasts and hip growth in women. You find that at normal level it will make you stay lean by boosting insulin production in the body. On the other hand, when estrogen level rises, insulin-producing cells become strained. Which will definitely raise the sugar levels in your blood and convert glucose into fat leading to weight gain. To reduce estrogen levels you should eat more vegetables and less meat.

Besides, too much leptin increases your appetite. This is the hormone that signals your brain when you get full. Therefore, eating more than the recommended five daily servings of fruits and processed foods your body will start converting fructose into fats which then get sent off as triglycerides in your bloodstream. You should also know that as more of the triglycerides get deposited in your liver and belly, your body becomes resistant to leptin hormone. With this your brain will be unable to detect when you are full. You can check out these Orbera reviews for a better understanding on how you can use Orbera balloon to reduce stomach portion. The good news is that it will prevent you from eating more than the recommended amount of food.