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Essential Skills Needed By the Teens Life

It is quite true that teens time and again don’t know all. Many schools don’t teach the basic skill to teens and even at their home where they would expect the training they never get the experience. However, the following basic skills for life can help the teen to have success in his life as an adult.

It is important for teens to learn about the money value.However, many teens may lack jobs working opportunity while in sports and activities in school, but that is not a good reason to make them not to learn the value of money. Due to the provision of parent to their teens, chances of learning the basic on how to be independent will be minimal.

In addition, teens ought to learn the meaning of taxes and their importance, how to balance the checkbook, how to save and how to go about the budget.The basics of money include earning, saving, giving, and spending. The importance of this basic rules toward the teen is to ensure that they learn how to plan their future.
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Some other activities necessary for the teen to know are, cooking, laundry, and cleaning. This basic skills will help the teen work and live better at any place settled. Those are the major key basic skills. Due to parents care, many teens don’t have experience in cleaning the house and washing clothes. The work of washing is left to the house girls and mothers by the teens. Therefore, when the teen take an initiative of learning the basic skills, they will have great experience to enable them to move to other stage having great responsibility.
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Sewing is another important skill that a teen require to know. When teens learn about sewing, an emergency repair will be done in time to cater for the problem. As a result of this, teens will be able to control their resources which could have been used to buy new clothes.

It is important for teen to learn basic polite language which doesn’t have slang. The basic polite terms used are sorry, then you, and please and much more. This should be addressed comfortably by the teens. It is from the polite conversation that the teen will receive honor to a particular employer.Again, those who slang when speaking will lose the competition.

It is important for teens to learn how to keep their personal hygiene. In addition, teen should ensure keeping themselves clean always to be in good health. However, due to the cleanliness, teens will have pride of themselves.