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The Stages of BIT Inspection

Commercial motor vehicles are expected to be up to par with the set department of Transportation requirements. This means that they will be required to undergo an inspection. BIT inspection has been proven to be the most essential as well as effective approach to this. There are various levels involved in this inspection. Understanding these levels will certainly be beneficial to you in the long run. These levels will often include the following.

There is the standard inspection which is basically characterized by the inspection of basic stuff. There are various important documents that are considered at this point. This will often include the operator’s driver’s license and a medical certificate to prove that they have passed the annual physical exam. Log book records and a medical waiver will also be considered at this stage. This stage is also characterized by the checking of alcohol and drugs. You will also learn of the second level that involves vehicle inspection. This stage involves checking all the items that the driver is expected to check on a daily basis. This inspection will often take about thirty minutes to conclude.

Level three of the BIT inspection usually entails the driver only. There will be an in-depth look at the operator’s driver’s license as well as the medical certificate. This means that the inspector will be required to go through the various inspection reports signed by the driver. This inspection usually lasts for about a quarter an hour. It is at this point that a software will be used to check one’s accident logs and the driver’s incident history. This does include their medical information as well. This comprehensive look into details will certainly ensure that there is enhanced safety for both the operator and the vehicle.

Then there is the fourth level of inspection. This stage is also referred to as the special inspection level. It is a level that seeks to ensure that a closer look at a particular issue is taken. It is often considered in the event that a particular problem has been noted. This means that they often seek to invalidate certain claims about the vehicle in question. There is no particular timeframe for this process to be concluded. Different issues will often bring about this variance. The more complex the issue is, the more time will be taken to handle it.

We then have the fifth level which is basically the vehicle only kind of inspection. It seeks to offer a detailed look into the things that were identified on level one. This process will often be carried out in the absence of the driver. This stage seeks to enhance safety and a sense of compliance. The enhanced NAS inspection often caps the process. It purposes to identify any radioactive elements. This inspection usually takes about an hour to finally complete it. A nuclear symbol is often provided after the inspection. However, this symbol is only valid for a single trip. Ensure that the process is handled by qualified and certified personnel.

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