How is the Copenhagen Summit an illustration of economic globalization and globalization?

Question by ~Lita_Adore~: How is the Copenhagen Summit an example of financial globalization and globalization?
I require to know how the Copenhagen Summit is an illustration of economic globalization and just plain globalization as nicely. I never know a lot about about the Copenhagen Summit, given that I just listened to about it nowadays, but I do know that it has some thing to do about Weather change. If someone could abbreviate a little about this subject matter for me, It would assist me out a lot. Thanks : )

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You are right about your assumption that the climate summit is a type of globalization. This is an justification for tiny underdeveloped countries to put strain on the modern globe for financial aid and assist for their budding economies as we are accountable for air pollution with are industries and automobiles. It is liberal guilt at it’s worst. India and China can put a new coal burning plant for electrical generation when a week as we did many years ago as we have a experienced overall economy although theirs is just acquiring began. As a result, you will see the modern day world go backwards even though the much less fortuitous economies increase. We owe them in accordance to the liberal left in The usa like Al Gore and Obama. They want to wreck your typical of living as it is your sins that have to be redeemed. Consequently, get prepared to apply altruism irrespective of the expense. (All globe extensive social engineering)

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