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Tips for Choosing a Screw Conveyor

A screw conveyor is cost-effective and versatile when it comes to handling dry bulk solids. The conveyor offers enclosed transfer when materials are being moved vertically or horizontally. They can also be used when materials are being used at an incline. In addition, they can deliver materials from one or more inlet points to several or a single discharge point. The conveyor belt comes with a wide range of configurations, construction materials, and components. This is why it is a suitable product to use when transferring materials no matter how bulky they are. Thus, when making a choice you have to factor all this in order to pick the best items. To start with, consider the nature of the materials you will be moving.

You shouldn’t be choosing something you are not sure can do the job. Remember that picking the screw conveyor because it is what the next person is using or just because of convenience will backfire on you. The main reason you are making the purchase is to ensure all your business processes proceed smoothly which is why you need to consider that when making the purchase. Also, it is a business purchase like all the rest which means it should be planned for and you need a budget for that. For this reason, think about that when you are making a selection. You have to budget for this purchase not to end up being disappointed later.

Another aspect you need to consider is the nature of materials that you will be moving using the screw conveyor. If they are abrasive you ought to ensure that you have picked something that will not disappoint you. This is why you should be well informed about the nature of the materials to be moved before making the final decision. You should ask for help from the manufacturers in case you are lost in matters to do with selecting a screw conveyor. This is especially true if you will be moving toxic materials. It will be much worse if the materials end up leaking because the people involved will be hurt not to mention how bad that will be for the environment. This is why you shouldn’t take any chances.

Another aspect you should consider is the location of the supplier. If the distance is not major you can arrange for transport and even a demo for how the conveyor works. However, when you are far away from the supplier transportation cost will have to be factored in not to mention the fact that you may not be able to get a demonstration on how the screw conveyor works before you put your money on it. Thus, you have to think about that when you are making a decision. The more you know the easier it will be for you to make a decision because your mind will be at peace. Thus, this is a decision you should start deliberating months before you finally decide on what to do.

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