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The Reasons Why Feeding The Hungry Is The Best Thing

Food is one of the basic needs that are very important for a person to have a healthy body and mind. But it is not everyone who is blessed to have food all the time. These people strain a lot to get food and the food they get is either not enough or it is not quality food. These people want to just get any kind of food to help them survive and the type of food that they get does not matter to them.

These people can be feed wit food from the fortunate people. There are so many advantages that come with feeding the hungry. But so many people have no idea how advantageous it is to feed the hungry. These advantages are contained in this article. These benefit areas explained below.
Feeding the needy and hungry helps people fight the hunger and this is the first advantage of helping the needy with food. The country that has a problem of poverty benefits a lot from the action of helping the needy. Helping the needy with food helps them get energy that can be used in working. When these people work, the country experienced increased productivity. Also people start earning more after they get the energy of working.

Hence the country benefits by having an economic boost. Healing the needy with food plays a role in saving millions of lives. When people feed the hungry, they declare war against malnutrition. Malnutrition normally results in health problems and conditions such as kwashiorkor and marasmus. Also the spreading of some diseases such as HIV are contributed by the problem of hunger. People die too out of hunger. Hence helping the needy with food helps a lot in saving people’s lived.

Food wastage can also be reduced when people give the excess food to the hungry. Most people throw away foo after it has expired because they have enough to use. This wasted food can help save lives if it is given to the needy. This is why most people developed programs to help feed the poor. These are the programs that aim at saving the poor with food by encouraging the people to save on food to contribute in feeding the needy. The extra food that can end up being wasted can also be given to the poor through these programs. Tw will help reduce the amount of food wasted each and every day.

The amazing thing about helping the poor is that it makes people feel better. People tend to feel joy and happiness when they know that they have helped people. A person becomes happy after he or she knows that he or she has made a difference. This happy feeling helps relieve stress and relax the mind of an individual.

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