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How Peer to Peer Garage Renting Works

You may have a garage at your home, but you are not using it. You may decide to rent it t people who you do not know, but they want to make use of it. When you rent the garage to other people, you will end up making some money that you can use to do other things. Below are ways that you can use when involving peer to peer garage renting.

Firstly you have to list the items that you have. Make sure you set a criterion that makes the people who want to rent your garage comfortable. Make sure you will tell them more about your garage, and you assure them that their items will be safe when they are in the garage. These people will pay for the security of the garage. The person is going to inform you how mu time they are going to rent your garage. You should consider telling the person who will be renting the garage the time they can access their items when they need them.

You will then receive a request on payment of rent. Immediately a customer who is willing to rent a garage comes across the kind of garage they want to hire, they will send you a request. The request informs of a message. The message will be a form of communication, and you can also carry out some research about the person who wants to rent your garage, then you can decide if you want to rent it to them. In case you choose to rent it to them, you will send a message to them to notify them of the location of the garage and where they can start using it. Then you will tell them to make payment for the parking.

You will then lend the garage to the customers. As you arranged when you were informing the customer of the garage, now it is time to give them the garage. When the customers come to the garage with their items, you must go through them. If there are some problems with the details, it is good that you inform them so everyone can be aware of. You have to tell them of the things they should do and those they should not do when they are using the garage. Make sure they do not misuse the garage by doing some other activities they should not do.

Now there will come the point when you get your garage back. When the rental duration is over, you will get the garage back to you as you had previously agreed. You have to go through it and ensure everything is in excellent condition as it was before you rented the garage to them. In most cases, if the parking is not okay, you will ask them to do the repairs, or you avoid giving them their deposit back to it cater for the expenses.

The last process will be to return the security deposit once you make sure that the garage is in good condition, then give back the security deposit to the customer.

In conclusion, when everything is done, give feedback on the customer. The input will communicate with other people who are renting their garage if they should rent it to the person or not.

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