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The New Age of Virtual Restaurant Menus

Imagine going to your favorite restaurant and they already know what you desire to have, right from your previous meal. So you sit down, settle well, and then your exact meal arrives. It’s like a miracle because you really didn’t have to make an actual order for that meal. You go through it lusciously and the feeling is good, almost next to none. In the end, you leave, knowing that you have been in charge of your menu in more ways than one. This seems imaginary but it is a reality which is taking over restaurants and eateries by storm! Contactless Wi-Fi menus have arrived.

Imagine a situation where you had a meal and you have left the restaurant with a feeling that something about your food was not perfect. You try to figure backward but something clouds your mind and you’re not able to pin down the inkling which just won’t go away. Time passes but still, that small thought lingers on in the brain. Much later, you get your voila moment! It is right there; something was overdone which made the food taste way off the perfect that you know the chef for. Immediately, you tell him/her about your thought even when it is in the middle of a sleepy night. He/she will take note. Impossible, but true!

Imagine restaurant circumstances when all the typical options of meals that you can eat are already in the mind of the chef, including every adjustment to your customized menus from the very first time based on incremental feedback that you have given to him/her. When you walk into the restaurant he/she can only smile to grant you a knowing that he/she has your back and your ‘designer’ menu will be on your table in no time, and in the exact way that you love, all the way to the last scoop of spoon.

Imagine not being afraid of infections anymore from picking up the table menus to select your meal but knowing that the restaurant has your personalized menu with dietary preferences, including everything that you ever liked as favorites that you added on ‘things that you wished to try on your next visit’. On a normal day, the menu that you go through is self-explanatory and in case there are words and foods that you do not understand, you get quick explanations that are adequate and probably open up your experience to new foods that could probably join your favorites list.

Your imaginations are realities that have been actualized in apps that allow restaurants and customers to interact actively in order to improve service delivery and the overall experience of dedicated customers through a contactless Wi-Fi menu. Participating restaurants join the app, just like their customer does. The customers are not hooked onto a single restaurant but have a selection from which they may decide to make choices of meals in a visit. For chefs, they will have an opportunity to express themselves candidly, to learn about the customers’ preferences, to connect with them personally, and finally to tell their clientele about offers or any new dishes in the coming soon bucket. This channel also avails the opportunity for private feedback on customer experiences.

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