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Understanding the Expanding Earth Model

Scientists are working on a model that combines the hypothesis of the Earth with other methods and hypotheses. The results have been finding correspondences that are encouraging even though still, the scientists are still finalizing the whole details. The scientists are reviewing all the works of other people whose work is found to be easy to verify and profound. Apart from all the efforts, there are people that are still not convinced and prefer staying in the parallel world of funding, papers, and career that is full of fantasy. Some contemporary scientists argue that there is no evidence that the Earth is growing; hence there is also no evidence for gravity that is lower in the past. However, the evidence is one that is overwhelming which is next to impossible for people to make claims that there is no evidence of the Earth expanding. It is a fact that the Earth is moving away in a way that is inexorable from its place of birth, the sun and when it moves it is still growing.

The results of the research are intriguing considering that there is proof that the ancient history that is older than the scholars give claims. There is proof that the Earth as it is known today it is younger when a comparison is made with what the geologists believe. There are observations by some scientists that the growth of the Earth is at a rate of about 0.1 mm in a year which cannot be questioned. This is an indication that the measurement of the growth is by the use of techniques that are advanced such as satellite laser ranging.

The Model of an Expanding Earth is developed on the basis of a number of assumptions. The result of the Proto Earth is when a Body affected the pre-Proto Earth and later captured in it. Proto Erath has a similar mass even though the volume is smaller when a comparison is made with the present earth. When the Body is triggered in the Proto Earth there is a series of reactions that are nuclear and ionization that helps in converting the matter of Proto Earth to matter having a Specific Gravity that is lower that corresponds to the layers of the present earth. It results in the expansion of the volume of the earth.

The considerations of the strength of materials, qualitative hydrodynamic, and hydrostatic are utilized for a description that is consistent with the dynamics of the transformations. Equations of differentiations for the kinetics of the reactions of the chain that is overall are written, by the assumption that the materials that make the present layer of the earth are reaction products that are individual. The use of the Specific Gravity of the layers of the earth presently, the conditions of the boundary are written and utilized for the calculations of the volume of every layer during the process of expansion. The forming of volcanoes and floor ridges that are oceanic are explained using a single mechanism that acts in local conditions that are specific.

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