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Amazing Things That The Owner Of A Dog Can Do To Make It Happy

One of the unique animals anyone can have as a pet are the dogs. This is because the things that motivate the dogs are different from those that motivate other animals. Hence knowing what makes dogs happy become a very big challenge to most people. Most people who want to learn the hinges that make dogs happy ant to have happy dogs but do not know how. This article is the best guide on how to make dogs happy.

happy dogs are the ones that have their toys. One will go ahead and rotate the toys to make the dog happy. The boredom of the dogs can be broken with the help of toys being rotated. The happiness of a dog is not as a result of the purchase of toys but as a result of rotating the toys. Hence this should never be confused to regular purchasing of toys.
Another amazing things that can make a dog happy is taking the dog for walks. This makes the dog get fresh air and at the same time exercise. A dog will end up being fit physically and mentally. This is also a good chance of a dog meeting new people and seeing new things. The owner will also get to spend time well with their dogs.

Bathing the dogs at a specific time is one thing that makes dogs very happy. Dogs bond with their owners when they are being bathed. An unusual lumps can be detected by the owner too during the bathing time. This is the time that the owner will find himself or herself giving the dog full attention. Dogs love to be given this kind of attention. Hence the owner doing the bathing himself or herself will make the dog happy.
Creating time to cuddle with the dog also makes the dog very happy. Doing this on a routine can help them become happier since dogs love routines. The best time to cuddle a dog is when one is watching TV at night. Doing this every day at the same time will train the dog to arrive at the sofa at exactly that time. Cuddling is good for the dog since it helps the dog settle down and relax completely from the day`s stress.

One needs not to worry on what watch with the dog since dogs do not choose what to watch and will never fight for the remote. Another thing that can be done is massaging the dog. This is to help the muscles of the dog to relax making it happy. Doing this every day can make one`s dog very happy.

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