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EMF Testing and How to do it Yourself

EMF radiations can cause serious harm to one’s health and the longer or higher the exposure, the greater the risk. Radiations are odorless, invisible and there’s no way to physically touch it, so how will you be able to know just how much EMF you’re exposed to. One way is to go for EMF consultant DC Maryland Virginia and the other is to do the testing yourself.

What Exactly is EMF Testing?

The available technology today exposes people to a considerable amount of EMF, the potential growth of EMF generating technology present a growing concern for the user’s health. A lot of people want to know if there are health risks that come with the electromagnetic radiation of the devices they own. Basically, all the devices with wireless communications and runs on AC power have electromagnetic radiation; this is EMF for short. By testing for the EMF, you’re the levels of present EMF and in order to successfully do this, you’ll require something called an EMF meter.

EMF Meters

Think of EMF meters as something like a Geiger counter that measures the radiation. Well, Geiger counters are able to actually measure EMF but the things are, they measure a whole different kind of EMF. Geiger counter basically measures something called gamma radiation in the surroundings, like when meltdowns occur on nuclear power plants; these are the type of EMF it can measure. Gamma radiation presents a lot of energy called ionizing radiation. The name is due to the energy of the radiation, so much so that it knocks electrons out of the body’s atoms. These kinds of radiations are incredibly dangerous even at the slightest doses.

The kind of EMF we’re speaking of is the type that’s emitted from laptops, cell phones, and power lines which has a lot less energy and is thus called non-ionizing radiation. Even though it doesn’t knock electrons away from the body, like gamma radiation, they can still cause some damage.

The Purpose of EMF Testing

With each passing day, EMF in the environment gradually rises, and the more a person is exposed, the higher the health risk. All the while, EMF is invisible and as mentioned before, no one can see, smell or touch it. So there’s no other way to know just how much you’re exposed to unless you’ll test it.

Thus, it’s essential to hire experts to test your area or you can opt to test the EMF on your own. Knowing just how exposed you are, and seeing if the levels exceed the safe levels will help you in implementing ways on how to decrease the levels.

Testing is the best way to protect yourself and your body from the ever-rising levels of EMF that people are exposed to on a daily bases. Apart from finding out the levels of EMF, you’re exposed to, you can see exactly where they’re emitted from. The bottom line, there are two major reasons to use EMF testing. First is to understand the levels of electromagnetic radiation in your area and the other is to test EMF protection products to see if they’re actually working.

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