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Factors to Consider Before Selecting a Rotary Dryer

In different industries, rotary dryer manufacturers use rotary dryers to reduce the moisture content of different materials. They are also known as the workhorses in the thermal processing industry. The rotary dryer has a long rotating cylinder known as the direct rotary dryer that drying air is passed. They also have a lifting flight that is positioned inside the chamber.

During the drying process, the flights inside the chamber pick-up the material from the bed and carries through the drying air as the drum rotates which facilitates sufficient drying of the specific materials being dried. The process continues as damp materials are fed on one side of the machine and dry one’s come out from the other end until all the materials are dry.

Why You Should Choose a Rotary Dyer

Rotary dryers can be used to dry different materials including building materials, fertilizer, chemicals, and minerals. Rotary dryer manufacturers use the dryers to dry frac sand, potash, limestone, gypsum, ores, and many other materials.

Rotary dryer manufacturers prefer rotary dryers because they are not hard to operate. Besides, they produce uniform products. A properly functioning rotary dryer can process hundreds of tons of materials in an hour and with proper maintenance, they can last for years. For proper functionality of the rotary dryers, rotary dryer manufacturers run the machine continuously because they perform optimally at optimal temperatures as compared to stopping and bringing them back to temperature for different shifts.

How to Choose The Best Rotary Dryer

Depending on your specific requirements, there are different factors to consider when choosing a rotary dryer. Amongst them include;

Direct or Indirect Heat

When it comes to heat requirements, there are two main dryers you can choose from. One of them is the direct heat dryer which passes steam of drying through the drum. When operating, the hot steam either flows in the same direction as the materials being dried or in the opposite direction.

Rotary dryer manufacturers prefer direct dryers because of their efficiency. However, when drying consumer products, manufacturers should be careful so that the products don’t come into contact with combustion gases. If avoiding the contact is difficult, manufacturers use the indirect heat rotary dryer. For the indirect heat lottery dryer, the configuration transfers heat through the shell of the lottery drier. That makes the dried products safe even for human consumption.

Operational Surroundings

You should also consider where you will locate your rotary drier. When choosing a suitable location, you should consider the humidity, temperatures, and the surrounding atmosphere of the area you intend to place the dryer. If you don’t consider all the factors above, your rotary dryer will not perform properly.

A Customized Drying Solution

Before investing in a rotary dryer, you have to understand all the factors that affect the functionality of the machine. That will enable you to choose the best machine for your specific drying requirements. Each rotary dryer responds differently to various drying products. So, you should consider different rotary dryer designs before making your final decision. That will enable you to choose a dryer that meets your specific drying requirements.

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