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What You Should Know About a Leading Online Farmers’ Forum

There are numerous challenges that farmers face in farming today. It is difficult for an individual farmer to address such issues, as the majority are to do with legislation. Government initiatives can suppress farmers’ interests and concerns. It is paramount to protect the farmers’ interests as their contribution to food security is substantial. An umbrella farmers’ body can do more than what an individual farmer can do. It is crucial to be part of a group of like-minded people to be able to push and lobby for the farmers’ interests. It is therefore important to stay informed about the activities that are taking place within the farmers’ world. Numerous online forums look to champion the different interests of farmers’ groups. If you are engaged in farming, then you need to identify the online forum that resonates with the majority of farmers and one whose contribution and impact is evident. A leading forum will enable each farmer to stay informed as they will provide current news on their webpage.

All that you need to do is login and you will have access to the information. This is important as you will be able to access the information from wherever you are. You will also be able to use the same forum to make your contributions and raise concerns that are important to you. The forum will also follow up on the happenings in the legislative front on issues that are important and touch the farmer. They will ensure that new legislation that is passed will not strip away the rights of the farmers. They will carefully consider proposed bills and effectively lobby and oppose changes that affect the farmers negatively. They will be noticeably vocal in all issues that directly and indirectly affect the farming community negatively. One of the key issues that the lobby group will address is the increase in water license fees. High water license fees will discourage the majority of the farmers as irrigation is key to sustainable farming.

High expenditure in the fundamental areas such as irrigation will eat into the farmers’ profit margins. This may lead to some farmers exiting the trade. Frequent exits by farmers from the trade will lead to food insecurity in the long-term. The health and carbon taxes are also crucial figures that the forum will be lobby to keep at a reasonable level. Increases in these figures do directly affect all the stakeholders and discourage the growth of an already struggling sector. Quick increases in minimum wages are another important and key issue that the forum must address. Farmhands are key requirements in the success of any farmer. A rapid increase in the wage bill will make it impossible for the farmer to hire the number of farmhands that they require to tackle the tasks on the farm. This by extension leads to operating under-capacity and compromised output. These are some of the key issues that a leading farmers’ forum will address and lobby and push for.

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