Newfoundlanders have been the economic backbone of Ontario?

Issue by kenoplayer: Newfoundlanders ended up the economic backbone of Ontario?
Many years ago, I usually listened to the expression that if all the Newfoundlanders left Ontario, the province would arrive to a standstill.

For the past seven or eight a long time, countless numbers of Newfoundlanders have been leaving Ontario for Alberta for greater wages. And now, it has been predicted that Ontario will grow to be a ‘have not’ province. Coincidence, or is the expression earlier mentioned actually true?

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Answer by intelligent male
No,Ontario`s woes is the poor United states economic system.It is the producing heartland of Canada and relies on a healthier economy in the US.The federal finance minister is currently selecting on Ontario because he does not like the recent Liberal authorities.It`s silly, since he is the 1 who ran it in the floor when he was finance minister in Ontario.We are even now recovering from him.He has been telling enterprise not to invest in Ontario.He is making positive is get together won`t get a seat in Ontario in the subsequent election if he retains it up.There are even now Newfoundlanders in Ontario.If it was correct we would have worker shortages pulling are economy down.

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