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Decor Ideas for an Open Floor Living Room

In the urge to create more space, open floor plans have been embraced by many. An open floor room refers to a room in which two or more traditional used spaces are joined to form a much larger space. Living room, kitchen, and dining room are some of the rooms that can be transformed into an open floor plan. Most modern houses have taken over the open floor plans. It is very easy to decorate and furnish an open floor room. It is confusing to choose the best way of decorating an open floor living room due to the many existing ideas. Your living room might look awkward if you fail to take great considerations when decorating it. To maximize the appearance of your open floor living room, you need to have several guidelines.

The use of neutral colors on an open floor living room will attain a cohesive appearance. It is possible to misuse the freedom of many decor options and to avoid this, try to make use of neutral color schemes and monochromes. Colors have an impact on mood and emotions. To enhance a balanced mood and emotions, you should use neutral colors such as blue and beige. To brighten your room, use accessories that can easily be replaced, such as pillows and curtains.

Matching your furniture is another tip of maximizing the appearance of your open floor living room. You will be required to put several pieces of furniture in your spacious living room. Your open floor living room will be synchronized if you use matching furniture sets. Apart from the furniture, you should as well match other accessories such as curtains. Harmonizing your living room will reduce the number of accessories to stare at.

The art and interior decor of your living room should as well be balanced. Your living room might look disorganized if you fail to balance all the traditional use spaces. Uniformity is key as far as size and arrangement of furniture is concerned. You should avoid breaking uniformity with the art you use in your room.

In addition, use furniture that has slim designs to avoid cluttering your room. Slim furniture helps in creating much space as well as minimalism.

It is also essential to warm up your room with a fireplace and decor pieces. Due to the large space of an open floor living room, it is likely to feel cold during the cold seasons. Adding a fireplace in the living room area will help in distributing heat thus creating a warm environment. The best thing about adding a fireplace in your living room is that you can make use of some healthier and safer indoor options for the fire pit. You can as well warm up your living room by using decor accessories like throw pillows made of fur.

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