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What Makes The German Short Haired Pointer An Ideal Pet?

If you love pets, and in this matter dogs, you want a cute one. It is not easy to select from the many breeds available for sale from various breeders. For anyone who wants to own a dog pet, but confused about the breed type, this is the place to read. The German short haired pointer puppies, though not as common as others, is one puppy you will always fall in love with.

The German short haired pointer is among the most cooperative and intelligent dogs. These two traits make it the easy to train. For anyone who wants a peaceful and quiet animal, this is the breed to keep.

The great thing is that once you have lived with this dog for a few days, you get a great company that will be with you, trekking on the wilderness. It has been developed over several generations, making it a versatile and all-purpose puppy. One thing that sets this pet apart from others is their unique zest for life. This is shown in their friendly expression.

The looks

When you check photos of this dog breed, you’ll notice it is aristocratic and noble. You will have a stunning creature. Besides, they are intelligent dogs which makes them easy to train.

When you bring the puppy home and start training it on the basics, it will bond closely with the family. It thus becomes a nice companion to families.

What you need to know

If you decide to keep this puppy, learn some things. Keep reading this article to gather some details before splashing on the pet.

Though an excellent dog, it is hard to sit around. It is among the intelligent and playful pets. Therefore, families owning one must set time for exercise. If the family has a big garden, it will be the best place to raise this dog.

Ideally, a person who decides to own the breed gets a tougher animal compared to other sporting breeds. The males weigh from 55 to 70m lbs, with the female weighing 45 to 60 lbs. When it comes to height, males are about 24 inches, with the females 22 inches.

You get the pure breed from a breeder, and this gets checked by watching for floppy ears.

Anyone who gets the pure breed will enjoy its company for close to 12 years. They live a fairly long life than ordinary canines.

The coat

One thing that sets this dog apart from others is their sleek coat. The sleek coat comes in either white or in liver. The breeds with a white coat are profusely ticked.

The personality of this breed is considered an active hunter. An adventurous animal that loves exploring the brushes.

If you get the puppy, train, and always have it exercising several minutes throughout the day. Though it loves to be near people, ensure it well cares for every moment.

Where can I get one?

If you want to own a German short haired pointer puppy, contact Canis Magnus Kennels and make your order today. You can wait for the female, male puppies, and the adult dogs and carry one home today.

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