how did the economic inequality between east and west germany have an effect on the drop of the berlin wall?

Concern by Desiree: how did the financial inequality amongst east and west germany affect the fall of the berlin wall?
I have to write an extended essay about the economic inequality in between east and west germany and how it influenced the drop of the Berlin Wall. If you could offer me with legitimate resources published by historians, or if you have an impression or ideas or subjects to investigation to aide in my analysis please answer underneath 🙂 thank you so considerably for your assist! 😀

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Reply by John U
Nicely initial hats off to yet another uber left wing liberal professor who thinks this was the lead to of the downfall of the Berlin Wall. It had squat to do with economic inequality. This was a war of Ideology, the West vs . the Communist East. All we need to have to do is comply with the historical content of how the war in Germany ended (WW II) and how the allies divided the city of Berlin as effectively as east and west Germany. Now granted East Berlin lived rather significantly in the same poverty as the citizens of the USSR, sans the Politburo and Czars, but economics had been not the get in touch with of the working day as opposed to the opposition to the ideology among Communism, Socialism and Capitalism. Add to that the deficiency of independence involved and there you have it. If you crossed above you had been shot. Appear at North and South Korea these days and the a single issue that is happening there occurred between the wall as well wherever family members ended up separated and could not see every single other since one particular ended up in the east and the other the west when the Russians sealed off the border. It was a issue of Independence versus totalitarian handle the Soviets had above their citizens specially individuals in East Berlin and they would not give that up for several a long time as a subject of the cold war. What brought the wall down was when Gorbachev arrived on scene and was far more of a “Globalist” sort Ideologist as opposed to a straight and slim Communist who considered only in Socialism That is when Reagen pressed for the flexibility of all Soviet citizens beginning with the taking down of the wall that separated East and West and was a world symbol of Communism, not social inequality. Argue that all you want to but had been the individuals in the east poor and residing on Borscht and beets, of course. But that was such an insignificant factor to the drop of the Berlin Wall that only a die difficult Liberal would endeavor to argue it was any cause at all. I was there when it arrived down, I lived it, my personal Mom was German, born and lifted and I was in the US Army when it arrived down ultimately and I can inform you economic inequality was not nor ever was the headline of the working day as part of the result in of its demise, it was Flexibility and liberty from totalitarian rule that the Soviets perfected because the working day the part of East Berlin was granted to them adhering to the end of WW II.

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