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Options to flowers still left at a grave?

Query by Andrea: Alternate options to flowers left at a grave?
I am preparing a family history journey and I will be checking out upwards of a few hundred graves. Clearly, real flowers left at every grave would be a big cost but I would sense negative leaving nothing.

Are synthetic flowers permitted at most cemeteries (the ones I am going to are mainly old and unmaintained)? If I use man-made flowers, what kind of synthetic flowers need to I purchase? Is there anything besides flowers that you can believe of that I need to use?

Very best response:

Answer by amanda k
you could go to your regional greenback shop and get little statues.

we purchased minor angel kinds and kinds of jesus to go away at graves.

i feel synthetic flowers are alright to depart, also if you want to, get some greenback retailer stuffed animals to leave at the gravesites.

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