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What are some Economic rules/theories that advocate assisting the more needy?

Concern by Marshall: What are some Economic concepts/theories that advocate supporting the far more needy?
I need to have some financial examination as to why precisely individuals should help out the needy. Thanks!

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Answer by meg
The most useful cause is the needy have kids that will grow up and be component of the foreseeable future labor force and if they are not correctly cared for the nations economy will suffer. Plans it support the needy is also a form of insurance policy that ensures if we suffer some misfortune we will be taken care of. For most of human heritage lived in small teams that took treatment of each other and increase youngsters if one thing take place to their mothers and fathers, so we have and Instinct to aid which is in portion what binds our society together. A nation is an extension of our group, and if men and women were remaining to starve and die in the road like highway eliminate the society would possibly drop aside,

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