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Things to Consider before Using Pain Relief Essential Oils

Some parts of the plants we see around are rich in essential oils. Such parts may include the leaves, barks, rinds among others. Research has shown that when such oils are rubbed on the skin, smelled or added to bathing water can bring about a pain relief effect to people suffering from illnesses like arthritis. Note that the oils can only bring about the relief if they are used the right way. In this article, some of the things you should be keen to consider before using the oils will be explained.

First, it is advisable to look at the label and see if they are indicated to be good and safe for use. It is only wise to use oils that are clearly indicated that they are safe for humans. You will note that not all oils are safe as some contains toxins that can be harmful and can cause irritation once used on the skin. If you are not sure if the oils are safe, you can ask your doctor for advice. Even if the oils bring about relief by being rubbed on the skin, do not use them in sensitive parts. You may find that the oils can work on your hands and legs but that does not mean that they can be applied on the eyes, nose, mouth or private parts as they can cause irritation. Therefore, keep off the sensitive parts during application.

Quality is one thing you should emphasis before buying any essential oils. It is advisable to look for producers who are known for producing pure quality oils that are not added other ingredients. It is possible for the oils not to work for you if the added ingredients have an allergic reaction on your body. Therefore, go for pure oils from reputable producers. Another thing to consider before using the oils is if they are spoiled. Note that once the oils are exposed to oxygen over time, they tend to change the way they look, feel and smell. Once you notice the changes, it is advisable to throw them away as they may be spoilt and unsafe for use. Also, it is advisable to avoid using the oils on children and the elderly as they may be sensitive and cause serious problems. You can only use them with the advice of the doctor or paediatrician.

Even if the oils are edible, it does not mean it will be safe to rub them on the skin. Citrus oils are a perfect example. Note that once applied on the skin they can cause irritation. Likewise, sage oils are good for soothing the skin but can be harmful once swallowed. Therefore, make sure you read the label clearly and use them the right way. It is advisable to dilute the oils before use as they may be very strong. You will note that diluting them with other creams or vegetable oils will make them safer as highly concentrated oils can cause irritation. Make sure you dilute and mix them properly for optimum benefits. Note that the oils especially the concentrated ones can be dangerous when applied on injured and already irritated skin.

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